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Collaborations, Diversity and Keeping it Real

Well it's been an amazing and interesting 2016 so far. I've been blessed to work with some of the finest indie musicians on the planet. I've always mostly run solo with my music-- SO-- It has been quite the learning experience and a treasure to stretch myself and open up to the amazing talents of some of the best musicians, I truly respect--- in a few collabs this year.

The year started off with my own "Once in a Lifetime" A song that has been so well received. I am so happy you love this song, this song is so special to me. It really reflects the style of music I love the most. I thank all my fans and friends for the wonderful comments and love.. It is so appreciated

Continuing on with a cover of Blondie's "Rapture" with my good friend Da Boi Derinho. Working with Derek ( aka da boi) always produces excellence. He is THE epitome of the groove master so when I knew I wanted to do this, I knew who I needed to produce it and make it happen. There's no one better than D. xo I'm so very proud of this cover and I thank my brother Rick Trippe for his guitar work and Professor P Soop for his bass work as well.

New opportunities opened up to work with one of my favorite guitarists/ artists- the one and only Bob Sparks. Bob sent me 2 of his tracks and I was honored to develop vocal parts with him on these. "Run the Race" and "Beauty of Your Majesty". Two beautiful songs, each of these unique in their tone and delivery but similar in their total class production by Bob Sparks. I am very proud of this work with Bob. Continuing to work with Bob, brings us to a new song just released "Get up and Dance" . When Bob sent me a funky track of phenomenal horns, percussion and guitar work and asked me to co-write it, I was thrilled. It was love at first sight. I developed a melody, lyrics and a vocal delivery and "Get up and Dance" was born. This groove needed to have a visual so I produced a video that I really think you will enjoy if you haven't seen it, you MUST! The song is right on time- in the midst of incredible division in our country, an election that has everyone at each others throats. I can't imagine anything that can heal us more than shaking it off with a groovin funk. oh yeah!

I'm currently writing and working on a couple new tunes that are very diverse that will bring me home again to my love- the keyboard. Expect some new musical vibes to come from me in the near future focusing on the keys. Expect some progressive classical work along with some blues/jazz work as I dip into some diverse sounds and seek to expand my musical soul. Thanks for always being here with me and thank you for your love and support. It keeps the music alive in me and my soul on fire. Your support means the world to me. God bless, with love and gratitude- Angela


Just sitting quietly at home in my studio reflecting on this past year. It’s a spooky Autumn Halloween day as the sun goes in and out. At first glance it’s sunny and warm and in a moment it is dark and cool. It’s the kind of day when you want to relax and just take it in. As this year comes close to an end, I can’t help but think about how my life has been much like this day. It’s been a year filled with happiness and sadness but one thing is definite. It has been a year filled with music, friends and love. So many things left undone, yet so many things completed. Thinking back to the beginning of the year and how excited I was to be writing a song I am proud of “Wake Up” which ft. a most amazing guitar player, my good friend and master musician Jesse Thibes from ibacare Brazil.

Then came the inspiration for “He Sings a Lullaby”. This song comforted me during some dark days as I thought about how God comforts me and sings to me as if I am a child In need of a loving lullaby , from this, the song was born.

My musical inspiration has moved me back and forth to my classical roots with songs such as my interpretation of Chopin’s Prelude in Em—compelled to do it my way-- (Chopin must be turning in his grave, LOL) I composed :Lost in Prelude: which can be found on my soundcloud page where I share more of my classical pieces. Then came the idea to do a 4 song EP about how Clouds, Wind, the Rain and the Sun inspire me. Soon to be released for charity will be “Clouds, Wind, Sun and Rain” available on CD Baby and all online music stores. Thank you to Jesse Thibes and Rick Trippe for their amazing contributions on guitar.

As the year progressed I stayed true to my Progressive Rock vibe that I love so much. With inspiration coming from Classic Bands like Pink Floyd, ELP, Rick Wakemen, I wrote a few new songs throughout the Spring and Summer. These include “Two Steps to Separation” A song I wrote about a time in my life when I was lost between moving on or staying in a relationship. This song is easy to relate to , we’ve all been there . Next came, “You’ve Got to Give it” - YES!.. My inspiration came from the troubles in the world and how easy it would be to fix it all if we all just gave that one thing we all have to give and everyone needs- LOVE!!

On the deck for completion within a few weeks a truly progressive rock vibe called “ A Change is Gonna Come”.. Two renditions are available for this song because musically the song needed to have an instrumental version because the instruments are the singers in this song. Lyrics had to be written as well, a vocal version is pending because this song is all about God. It comes from the inspiration that the Lord of all Love will come again and we need to be ready for it. I suppose some will relate and others won’t but enjoy the music just the same.

And finally I am grateful for the opportunity to open myself up to collaboration this year. I have been blessed to have been invited to work with these amazing musicians- Kenny Heroux on “Pslam 66:4”, Ed Servis on “He Can’t Make Me Cry”, and my good friend da boi Derinho aka Derek Damico on “Lovesong” and “The Road”

I thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul for your continued support and love. I am so honored to have reached a #1 Position on Museboat Radio this year with “Distacted Angel” and “Wake Up”. I am deeply humbled and ever so thankful for those who support and vote for my music. And if that all wasn’t enough, I have thoroughly enjoyed my shot at Show Host for the New York Harbor Jam on Museboat Radio this year!. A first for me, learning how to DJ---- I’ have had a blast and have discovered incredible music from all around the world. So grateful for the new friends I have made and for the inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing.

I thank God for my gifts and thank you all for being my friend and supporting this thing I love called music.. God Bless With Love and Gratitude, Angela

The writing of "Wake Up" and "He Sings a Lullaby"

Well the New Year continued with a new song, I wrote "Wake Up" because I was torn apart by the things that I was witnessing in the world. I felt compelled to put these thoughts into words and music. Wake Up reflects my thoughts about a world asleep -- in that the answers that we desperately seek are right in front of us yet we ( not all) but many people exist in a dreamlike state of denial. Love truly is the answer to all the evils of the world. My feeling is we need to talk about it, spread it, share it and give it in every aspect of our lives. As the rock and roll apostles John and Paul said "All You need is Love" and yet it seems we are looking for some magic bullet or government intervention to stop hate and violence . I know this sounds simple but it is my feeling that it really is that simple. This release of “Wake Up” brought me to the next song I am working on- "He Sings a Lullaby".. I have found in my moments of self- doubt, fear, and confusion, the solution for me to find comfort is through prayer. I was experiencing some frustration about not having enough time to "BE" with my music, financial stresses, and dealing with my mom who suffers from Parkinson's Disease as well as other personal things that were making me sad.. One night, I resisted doing what I was "supposed" to be doing for work and I sat down to my piano and a lullaby of peaceful chords began to appear. The music came together very quickly. I went to bed and realized that God had spoken to me through my music and he was telling me not to worry. He told me not to fear the unknown or be sad. It was very comforting and I got up in the middle of the nights and wrote the words that were in my mind. "He Sings a Lullaby" was born that night. Just finishing the song up and will share it very soon. Spring has brought me to a new place of renewal and calm despite a cold and uncertain winter. I am looking forward to making the changes I need to make so that I will do what I was born to do-- make music.. So on that note- I sing -- La La la La La.. He Sings a Lullaby.. comforting me and leading me to where I belong. God Bless and thank you for your support and for listening to my music .. I am deeply grateful.. XOXO

Jessethibes  (almost 2 years ago)

Angela! Beautiful and blessed year... if I had to say something about my year, certainly your friendship would be written. You're fantastic, always at peace with music, expressing your feelings by the music. I always say: you deserve everything good that's happening within your life. I'm blessed in knowing you, my friend!

My first worship song- Pslam 66:4

This year has started off with so many new beginnings. I was blessed to be asked by my good friend and fabulous artist, Kenny Heroux to collaborate on a song he wrote - Pslam 66:4. It is a prayer and a call for worship of Jesus. I had never done anything like this before and was totally open to trying to do justice to a worship song. It was so odd because so many things got in the way of completing this project but Kenny and I prevailed and I am very honored to have been asked to do this with him. I tried to keep the song in it's simple pure form by added choir like vocals and kind piano melodies. No big production techniques were uses to allow the grace of this simple song to prevail. I am hoping to do more music like this in 2015. It was a wonderful experience and I am honored to have been able to work with Kenny. Hope you will have a listen often and sing the prayer of worship when you are ready to talk to God. Let this new year continue in HIS light for all of us.

kenny heroux
kenny heroux  (over 2 years ago)

{{{ HUG }}} I am the one honored and blessed by working with you Angela. You did an outstanding job !! The Piano blended beautifully with the melodies and over all feel of the song. And your vocal chorus lifts this pray song well into the Heavens. Thank you for sharing your gifts in Psalm 66:4

What's Next?

It's that time of year to reflect on all that's passed and all that will come. This has been my year to break out of anything that stops me from doing what God has intended me to do. MUSIC!.. I have learned that the destination is not what is important, only the musical journey that brings me joy. I'm so grateful for the support my fans and friends have given to me with my Christmas release. So glad you have enjoyed the music and it brings you peace. The New Year has bundles of unfinished work and new ideas to complete. I will be releasing a new song just after New Year's that will bring me back to my more rock n roll roots. Looking forward to collaborating with some amazing musicians on some new projects. So excited for 2015, hope you will stay with me, inspire me to be better and receive the love I have for you. Until then, Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours. With Love and Gratitude, Angela Terace

Rebecca Callahan Ridgick
Rebecca Callahan Ridgick  (almost 3 years ago)

Merry Christmas Sweet Angel(a) ! Thank you for the gift of your beautiful music, voice, and, of course YOU!

Angela Terace Trippe
Angela Terace Trippe  (almost 3 years ago)

Thank you Rebecca for the loving friendship and unbelievable support. I am truly blessed by it. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and the happiest healthiest New Year! xoxo

New EP for Christmas!

So excited, my new Christmas EP comes out Nov 3, 2014! This EP will be a very traditional sound with 4 originals and 2 holiday classics. I started writing this material about 3 years ago. It's Christmas Time, the title track for the EP was one of the first songs I ever wrote. I was inspired by the reflection that Christmas always gives me. It is a song of praise and humbleness. It's an innocent song that is quite different from traditional Christmas songs and although it's not my best, it has sentimental value to me so I wanted to include it. "A Child is Born" is a song about the celebration of the birth of Christ. It is powerful and calls for deep thought about what the holiday is about to me. "Christmas Child" is a song about childhood memories and getting back to the true meaning of Christmas. "Christmas Means So Much to Me" is a song about the feelings of spirit and fun that Christmas brings out in all of us. Included in the collection are "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night" - 2 of my all time favorite Christmas songs.. They are classic and timeless and I needed to record these. I hope you enjoy the collection and if you should decide to buy it, it will be available on CDBaby.com, ITunes, Amazon and all music distribution sites. I will be donating the majority of proceeds from sales of this collection to "Operation Blessing"- a wonderful organization that helps so many people all around the world. God Bless and wishing everyone a beautiful peaceful, joy filled holiday season.. With Love and Gratitude,.. Angela

Musical Adventures for 2015

I woke this morning feeling so relaxed. I'm thinking about the end of the year and a new one coming really soon. I am going to drop my first EP at the end of this month and it will be a Christmas Collection of 5 songs. I set this goal quite awhile ago and let fear of rejection, procrastination and silly thinking get in the way of doing it in the past. I am feeling a sense of completion in that I am finally doing it no matter the nay sayers or the demons in my mind. I will be ending this year with new goals to get back to writing and composing all new material in 2015, sticking to my roots and opening my creative gifts to merge many types of music into beautiful sounds. Looking forward with grateful anticipation to what may come. In the meantime, it's a time to celebrate my first EP - listen to all my great artist friends music and relax as the inspiration for a new musical adventure begins soon.

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound  (almost 3 years ago)

I wish you all the Luck with the EP, you can walk with confidence, you have achieved your Goal, I can tell you, there are no such Demons in your head, just obstacles we must over come...all the Best...Kent

Holiday Music

Happy to report I am working on a Christmas EP, some old stuff revisted, some new stuff. I am very excited to be collaborating with amazing musicians from around the world. This collection will include some "holiday blues" tunes as well as some "Christian rock" compositions. Christmas is a wonderful time of year - and should be filled with MUSIC! I hope some of my friends and fans will come by and listen and share. I hope to have this EP out for sale for charity REAL soon! Love and hugs! Angela

The Inspiration for my new song Pentavibe

The story behind Pentavibe is quite interesting. I was taking a course with Berklee College of Music and we were learning about the power of the pentatonic scale. I instinctively played the pentatonic all the time but didn’t know why or what it was. It was quite mind opening to learn that the scale comprised of 5 notes is a note combination that is harmonious to almost everything in music. This discovery prompted the writing of Pentavibe. I began to think about how the world has its own vibe and that music is the great communicator of these vibes and emotions. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, music is a language that all living beings relate to. The writing of the music to Pentavibe began the exploration of this connection to 5 important emotions and spiritual necessities of life. Faith, Gratitude, Peace, Love and Harmony are 5 things in life that are essential to living a life of abundance and happiness in all cultures and races. If we all practiced these 5 important ways of life there would be no wars, no hate, no misery. I hope that this song sends a message to all that listen to it that with these 5 vibes or grooves incorporated into our lives, all that is good in life falls into place! Music speaks the language of life, I hope the music and vibe of Pentavibe helps to speak to all that listen to it about the importance of living a life of Faith, Gratitude, Peace, Love and Harmony . Live with these 5 and let the music of the these vibes set you free., Let the music carry you away from all that is not right and to all that is good in our existence as a human being. God has blessed the music… With faith, gratitude, peace and love and harmony, Angela Terace PS- Thank you to Jesse Thibes of Brazil for collaborating with me. He delivers an amazing guitar addition to Pentavibe... We have never met and don’t speak the same language yet we totally understood this song instinctively, as the music allowed us to create a harmony of these 5 vibes. http://www.reverbnation.com/angelateracetrippe/song/21701602-pentavibe

New Song New Season

Its Spring and time for renewal. I'm so ready to brush off the winter and get back to the things that are really important to me. Writing Music!! Working on a new song and hopefully a collaboration with another fantastic musician. This will be a Season for "Making a Change"