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like the title of the blog asks, do u need your music recorded? jose and josh from senseless dementia


are the guys to talk to. they operate out of the inland empire and north county, and both know their shit.

josh just recorded the two songs i have up on the page, and he did an amazing job. they are incredibly reasonably priced, and won't mess you around.

if you have music that you wanna get out to people, you need to talk to these guys.

here is the blog that they have posted on their page to give you more information:

"we know everyone wants to get their music heard but most places charge ridiculous rates for mediocre results. this happens a lot when starting bands record their demos, but we will record your demo or songs for low prices.

send us a message with how many songs you want to record, what instruments you wanna record and what kind of music you play. all genres welcome. we can record, mix and master your songs all for a low flat rate.

samples of our work can be found on our myspace, if more are needed to interest you they're available too."

so go get your music recorded with them, and check out their page if your a fan of good music.


*UPDATE* josh has recorded my two latest songs, "Cadaveric Disgorgement" and "Scourge of Malevolence". shit sounds even better, and the tone and sound quality is ridiculous.