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Last show of the year

This saturday is the last show of 2012, and the first one without Toby Thunder on the 4-string motherfucker. He is out of town, and filling in will be our good friend and sometime roadie; Albin Action. Should be a fun gig!!

Status? ROCK

The band is up to the following: Chris: New amp on the way, a black Orange TH30 (no, not a burnt fruit) KILLER!!! Toby Thunder: Looking for an apartment, you´ve got one??? Johnny Swede: New drums baby!! Also, went to the premiere of Skyfall dressed as James Bond the other night. W.Dickborn: Sick as a dog. But on the upside, he has purchased the WOW-expansion pack: "Mists of Pandaria". GOOD FOR HIM

We´ll play the next gig on the 7th of november, gonna be awesome.

Love from the band


Ok so rehearsal last night was probably more beer than music, but it sounded pretty good! Once/if Dick gets his now stolen iphone back, we´ll upload a video of us playing Red Riding live in our rehearsalspace!

Rehearsals and radios....

Last night we had to rehearse without Johnny, so no drums. It actually turned out good though, we all finally heard our own playing due to turning all the amps down low and really listening instead. Also, we're excited about the airplay we've been recieving, big props to FatCat radio, the punkrock demonstration, and B1 radio Brazil!!! Stay rockin' //Citizen Chris


Tonights rehearsal resulted in a new guitarplayer for the band, so we are now officially a 4-piece!! His name is William Dickborn, and you can make up your own mind by that information. Also, new artwork for backdrop and merch was completed by our good friend Klotterbaronen, pictures on their way!!


The band wishes to extend a huge THANK YOU for all the interest from our international friends who have shown their support for us by listening to our music and liking us on facebook. This means a lot to us, and we promise to serve you guys with the most rocking of rockmusic!! Keep spreading the word and take care!! //Citizen Scream


Soooo....first blog entry..

We are a 3-piece, located in Gothenburg but two of us originally hail from Norrköping on the other side of Sweden. Our music is best described as that dubious term "action rock" we´d say. Whatever that means. We write and play what sounds like punky Kiss tunes or somehing. Or we could be completely off here ;)

The band actually started in 2007, but after a rushed demo and one gig, the vocalist and guitarplayer Chris, moved to Stockholm.

This more or less marked the end for the band, even though we actually pulled or shit together enough to perform one gig in january of 2008.

After that though, the whole thing was put on ice until Chris finally moved to Gothenburg in 2010 where good friend and former bassplayer Tobbe already had relocated to a couple of years before.

Last fall we finally found our new drummer Johan, or as we affectionately call him; Johnny Swede seeing as his lastname actually means "Swede" in swedish. This is the only place where we´ll ever discuss or explain this nickname. So there you have it!


So enough with the readers digest version, have a listen to some of our songs here, thanks for reading, and don´t hesitate to drop us a line!