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Juvenile Diabetes benefit info!

Here's the times:: Please share with all musicians you have as friends.   Benefit starts at 7pm at Big Texas Spring   7:30-8:30: song swap with Amy Hughes, Joey Wells, Presley Lewis, and Brison Bursey 9:00-9:45: Jesse James II 10:00-10:45: Mike Winfield and Bandera 11:00-11:45: Mike Amabile and Run Over Twice 12:00-12:45: Josh Fuller and Dirt & Diesel   Silent Auction will be held from 7pm-11pm. If any of you bands are willing to donate merch for this auction, it would be SO appreciated!! I know we've got items from Scooter Brown Band, Rosehill, and Roger Creager already. GET YOUR STUFF ALONG SIDE THEIRS!!! If you have stuff, please contact me here in a message!!

The story behind the cause this Saturday!

A lil info on Heath and the cook-off. Info on the 2010 Heath Schielack Memorial cook-off page descibes hims perfetly. I was the first to meet him and take him out on the town and introduce him to people. Heath suffered a stroke when he was 2 years old. That experience left his right side of his body pretty much disfunctional. I dont like to say disfunctional cause he could still walk ant see and talk. But te side of his body wasnt 100%. Heath was the guy we knew to shake with our left hand. He was a guy that was always down to help anyone and judt down to have a good time. his disability never did stop him. He always wanted to help out his friends, if in need or in no need at all. If he had a lil extra spending money he always would cover your meal or anything for no reason. And when he would he would always say, " hey i know if i was in need, you would get me so im getting you." Heath was an all around good guy and inspiration.

"Heath Schielack was a Ag business student at SHSU. Words can’t explain the attitude of this individual. Heath was always down for anything. No matter what the task he would be there by your side. He was and is an inspiration for me and motivates me every day to live my life in the way and form that he did. His physical disability was never an issue or a complaint. And that even made it more honorable to be a part of. We complain and... Whine about being tired or say we can’t do some things but heath is a proven fact that it can be done. Because of heaths passion for cooking and tagging along to all of the cook-offs throughout his life, we have decided to throw one down in his name." - 2010 Heath Schielack Memorial Cook-Off facebook page

We look forward to sharing the stage with John Slaughter to pay tribute to this amazing person, and his incredible friends!

Lots of Growing

In the last year I've seen my band go from just a group of talented musicians with a handfull of followers, turn into a band of amazing musicians with a rather large following, and we are recording a full length album in the studio. We have a full line of Merch, and just released the first single,"Old Whiskey". 2010 has been an amazing year, and I can't wait for 2011 to reveal all of it's charms! Join us, wont you?