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Bomb in Washington DC on the Capital, put there by the Freemason F'ers

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The Washington DC mall complex was engineered to be an “Inferno” and meets every detail describing hell, the underworld from ancient Greek, Roman and Christian literature, including most importantly Dante’s Inferno. The only thing missing from the DC Capital Mall is Dante and his pursuing inferno, but I have found him, imagery specific to his creation and the BOMB. The Potomac River, reflecting pool and pond in front of the Capital building have all been designed and built to meet the criteria of hell having three principle rivers. The Roman poet Virgil called the Acheron the principal river of Tartarus / Hell, this we call the Potomac River because we are only taught the Indian name. From the Acheron the Styx and Cocytus both sprang as told by Virgil. Dante, “In the swamp-like water of the river Styx, the wrathful fight each other on the surface”.

The Horsemen statues at the end of the Memorial Bridge are representations of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The 9 steps leading down from Lincoln’s Temple are Dante’s 9 circles of hell descending into the center of the earth, here the reflecting pool. Lincoln’s Temple is built to the dimensions of both Solomon’s First and Second temple. If the Bible is speaking of the future and of future prophecy than Lincoln’s Temple needs to be destroyed, so the last temple, the third temple can be exposed. Secret groups (Freemason’s, Skull and Bones, Knights of Columbus, ext. and many others) at the “leadership level” are following prophetic writing and plan to create a Hell on earth, ending in a fiery inferno.

The only reason I can explain, why you would make the Washington DC Capital Mall to the exact physical specifications of hell, to meet every accurate description of Dante’s Inferno, is to produce a Dante who then would set Washington DC on fire, in an inferno. To fulfill a prophecy setting the Washington Mall, symbolizing Hell on fire with an explosion would destroy the First and Second Temples of Solomon (Lincoln’s temple) and will start off the last World War, WWIII. As such, this elite group will need to create a Dante, someone able to falsely read the un-noticed symbology on the monument grounds and activate the detonator devise, the Dante Switch. I believe this Switch was engineered into the Ericsson Memorial. Like a Swiss watch. this monument was designed to puncture the main gas line feeding the mall. During my inspection of this statue, Larry from Utilityquest said main gas lines are in this area.

The Ericsson Memorial is located where Independence Avenue joins Ohio Drive in West Potomac Park, just down on a slope from Lincoln’s memorial Complex. The monument consists of Ericsson with his back to three mythical figures, suggestive imagery/objects and one trap/sliding door. I believe this door is the detonator switch, the Dante switch. It is possible that when the secret door is slid open, a screw mechanism with a loaded spring punctures the main gas line. The gas line would then fill the DC Mall sewer system with gas; one spark creates the Inferno. The best part is that no one will believe you and there is no way Dante can deactivate the bomb, bravo, well done and very Sherlock Holmesish.

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