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my first ever recorded cover as a Solo artist

It has been a while since I last been here. Have been busy and away from my ReverbNation page, but nonetheless, I still get emails from my peeps, which is awesome... :))

I am still in the process of finishing my album "Crossroads of Life"...it has been an interesting journey, as I have never really contemplated releasing an album, but now, I am more than halfway there.

I went back into the studio yesterday, but to do something rather interesting. I recorded a cover song. It is my version of Love Spit Love's "Am I Wrong" from 1994.Refer to the original version--- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUe3PPStCu8

I have known that song since forever and I have always admired how they came out with that song and how it turned out. Surprisingly, I finished my version rather quickly as I did my tracks in just about 1 take (I recorded all vocal tracks and all instrumentation - except drums). I was really impressed. I think it's the fact that I like that song so much, and I feel like people have sort of forgotten about that song.

This song WILL NOT be included in my album, as I have no plans of selling my version or that particular song. It is a tribute to Love Spit Love and Psychedelic Furs (huge groups back in the day). I will be posting my version up soon....again, as a way to share some music from back in the day and not sell it whatsoever.

I will catch you all later. Thanks for dropping by this page and liking my music. Your enthusiasm as listeners really inspires me to keep doing what I love doing..

Crossroads of Life my new release!

So I just released a new track onto Reverbnation called "Crossroads of Life"...i first recorded it with acoustic guitars thinking of a totally different groove for the song.

As we were ready to mix it, we realized that the song was off time with the metronome (in layman's terms the click track that guides the tune to make sure everything is on time)! Talk about being stressed out...I had to re-do basically everything--all instrumentation and vocal tracks--in just about two hours--and came out with last minute changes (like i did everything using an electric guitar instead of the originally acoustic guitar and add more distortion than i thought)...to our surprise the song came out real nice.

Cheesy as it sounds, the song talks about the value of true love...basically, whatever happens, if you are meant for someone no matter what path you travel, somehow somewhere you will find that person down the road..in addition to that, the message is that true beauty exceeds physical beauty and that special feeling you have for someone exceeds just superficial feelings..

Juan Franco, Leymix Recording's head sound engineer really did a good job at mixing the song and after a few tweaks, it is the song you now hear online! :) Thanks to Leymix Recording (www.leymix.com) for really being patient with me that day...

p.s. Special thanks to musician Niegel Blas for being there at the Recording that day and lending me his awesome guitars, as well as other hardware to help me record that song

saying Hi!

Well, hello there!

I hope this message finds you very well. I thank you for taking the time to read this. Basically, I am working on more material...everyone in music knows you never stop...that music is a way of life...at first it becomes part of your life, then you realize it becomes your life. I mean that in a good way of course. What seemed as a studio experiment has turned into something serious. I was first approached by my friends at Leymix and Primetone Studios to record a simple demo for them (which turned into my single "Just Not Right"). I was like, "ok, what the heck? What's the worst that could happen, right?" To my surprise, when I posted my song on my facebook page, that thing almost went viral. Suddenly, my friends were forwarding the song to their friends, and their friends were doing the same. And they still continue to do so today! Ha ha... The response was overwhelmingly positive..I then decided to capitalize on the good response, give it a shot and promote it even more..the song is to be out on iTunes in a few weeks so watch out for it! Now, I am seriously considering doing more songs and seeing where this goes. I love the guys at Leymix Recording and Primetone Studios. They are great. They do an awesome job. I am coming back to record with them. For other musicians who are looking for a place to record, you should too! While most of you will enjoy Thanksgiving week, I will be hard at work in the studio with the guys. I plan to record more songs with them...the possibility of doing a solo album is somewhat a long shot, but I don't count it out. I don't treat it like a simple experiment, as I did with "Just Not Right"...One thing I learned from this whole experience is this: Never take things for granted...you never know when a simple opportunity like recording a song for your buddies can turn into something golden..