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I've got the biggest...

We have decided to upload a work-in-progress track to hold you over until the new album is finished! Check out "Big Cock" on our ReverbNation page, featuring backing vocals by none other than Genghis Dong's mom!

The Sexys Live

We are currently in the process of finding a willing-and-capable drummer to fill the void in the rhythm section, after which, we will embark on a balls-to-the-wall live venture in our home territory of Baltimore. These shows will be recorded for a live album, tentatively (and appropriately) titled "Live Sex." We look forward to seeing your faces on tour!

Greetings From The Sexys!

Just wanted to say 'ello to all you blood blokes, and thank you for supporting The Sexys! As many of you know, we used to be known as The Dicktaters, but in the wake of a lineup change, we have completely revamped and souped-up our patented sex-rock sound and have begun this new venture! We would like to thank you for supporting The Dicktaters over the years, and welcome you to our new vehicle of global domination!

Sex, dragons, & rock-n-roll, -=The Sexys=-