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Pogo Update 2/23/12 is HERE.

Hey there Pogo-Holics, been a while since we've posted any news, and it's only because Pogo Theory is on a brief hiatus. We got together to chat about where we want to go from here and are looking forward to getting back out there for you all. Afterwards, Bob and I (This is Fred, i write the blog in case you wondered) took a little tour to see about possibly getting into a few new places for us - so check back soon for some upcoming dates as early as Late April. Since this is the first post of 2013, lets recap the end of 2012. We rocked the house at Humbugg's for New Years Eve - great crowd that night, the new tunes we had been practicing went over very well - probably one of the better nights, aside of a couple minor technical issues. As a added perk, we had a batch of shirts made up that we're handed out to those who 'stood out' in the crowd - Special thank you to Sean Wigley for doing the shirts for us. So, yes, been a while, but we are still kicking out the jams and as soon as we dust off the cob webs on everything, you can be sure we'll be bringing the pain and rocking your socks off !!! As always, any ideas for songs you'd like to hear us play, or to contact us to play your party or to inquire on booking info, or just to say 'hey' - email us at info@pogotheory.com. STAY REAL PEOPLE !!!