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Who is Apparatus

Apparatus is a one man art/music project. it is written, and performed with only a guitar and bass, all the Keyboard sound is from the guitar, using a high tech device from Roland.

the only loops used in the making of the music is the drums, although they are modified, chopped up, and rearranged to fit the chapter accordingly.

The songs (Chapters)are written quite different than a typical song. instead of starting with a hook, or a riff, or solid base to the foundation, apparatus feels the emotions, and produces sculptures with sound.

once the base is set in place then the art begins. so yeah.. still confused?? hope so!

Vol. 1 Roots coming

Okay, so most people whom have run across the empty revebnation page for Apparatus, have been amused by the random music!

well the mystery will just begin late spring, when the debut album drops... "Vol. 1 (Roots)"

so keep an ear out for it.. if you are searching form something refreshing.. and different. and a nice break from the same old crap that is polluting the air waves..