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Side projects and other local musicians we support

If you would like to hear more from the members of Domestic Terror Josh and Caleb are currently in other projects as well.

Caleb The Ender http://theender.bandcamp.com/

Josh The Seasonal Help www.theseasonalhelp.com

Also check out some of our favorite local artists

Off the Beaten Path Bless the Child Bastards The Glow Merchants Paper Thin Disaster Shall be the Conquerer

If there are other local acts you think we should check out and support get us there info, its time to create a music scene COLUMBUS. Enough with the "my bands set is over" time to go home bullshit...but that is a completely different rant...for a completely different blog.

Mission Statement

Our goals as musicians is to bring back in an essence what metal and death metal started out to be, raw relentless pure aggression. In an era of obtaining "perfection" we intend on standing out based upon our imperfections. Music is real and so are we, our sound should reflect that. Our album was recorded at Paper Tiger Studio's in one ten hour day, mixing included. In attempts to obtain an organic sound, in the veins of early Pig Destroyer. We want to stray away from the pack and separate ourselves while still staying true to our roots.