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Video Shoot.

Hey Everyone, We are gearing up for our video shoot on Sept 17th. Keep checking back for updates.

Live show THIS FRIDAY night!!!!!

Hey everyone, So glad to have you here. We are looking forward to rocking this weekend at The Grove Theater in Pleasant Grove Utah on Friday night. Those of you in town, please come and see us. We will be filming a music video on the 17th of September for the song "Welcome To The Show. Check out our webpage at: www.lostcarnivalband.com.

New Lost Carnival Website

Hey Everyone, We now have a new official Lost Carnival website. It's called "The Lost CArnial BIG TOP. Come and check it out. It's filled with exciting new info on the band as well as new pictures. You can now buy the new KILLER Lost Carnival CD produced by Mark Kendall of Grteat White online as well as T-Shirts and pictures. The Carnival is in town

Demand your Carnival!!

Hey Everyone, The band needs everyone's help in getting Lost Carnival on the radio. Please call your local rock stations and request "Keep The Faith" by Lost Carnival. We are planning on going to the radio stations once our album is released. If they have been getting requests for the song for a while, they may be more inclined to put us on the air. Thanks SOOO much for your help. LC


Welcome to the Lost Carnival blogg. Feel free to use this as a way to contact the band and ask us anything you would like. Keep us informed on what your favorite songs are and if you like the video teaser. Michael