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Overture video released!!!

We have switched gears a bit while the atmosmusic video is being worked on we have released a video for another song from the album first. The song is entitled, "overture." You can check it on our official youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/candlehour please show your support and subscribe to our channel while there.

The video for atmosmusic will release soon. We continue to thank our fans for all their support.

New single, upcoming video, update

We continue to climb the charts of Reverbnation and recently scoring #1 on the Electronica Charts for our home city, #20 on Electronica Charts for all of Canada and #377 on the Electronica Global Charts!

As of yesterday we released our next Single, entitled, "Atmosmusic." You may listen to it in many places across the web or check it out on our official site: http://www.candlehour.com a new video for this song is in the works and will be released soon. If you wish you may subscribe to our youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/candlehour currently we have our debut video for Without A Parachute available for play there and hope to be adding two interviews to the channel soon followed by the Atmosmusic video.

If you wish to purchase our album it is available on Itunes, Amazon and many many other places across the web. Physical copies can also be purchased online through amazon.com and with an alternate cover through reverbnation.com Thank you for all your support.

Thanks for all the Support!

Thank you to all our fans fot the support. We have been steadly climbing the charts currently we have placed 171st in Canada on reverbnation charts for Electronica.Our next single fron the album, "Airplane," will be released in two weeks with a video to follow after that. Stay tuned!!!


Our merch store is almost complete now. Also check out out merch store at Zazzle. In out official store you will find our main items for purchase, Album(both CD and digital), Ringtones, T-shirts. In our Zazzle store you will find much more, Candle Hour Shoes, Skateboards, Postage Stamps, Calenders, Mugs, Posters, and other items. To check out the zazzle store go to our official site www.candlehour.com and click the little zazzle icon at the button of the page (the little star next to the i-tunes icon).

New website is now up and running

Our new band website is up and running now. So check it out. If your a people person feel free to sign up to be part of our street team. When putting your email in the mailing list just click the box for join street team.

Feel free to check out the store as well if you wish, keep in mind at this point though we have not completed putting all items up for sale as of yet. You can buy our album both digitally and in physical CD. You can purchase individual tracks digitally and each track is also available for sale as a ringtone. The remainder of the items will be primarily clothing, t-shirts, hats, etc.

just released video

just released the debut music video for our first single, "Without A Parachute."