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"All Through The Night"

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on some stuff I've been busy producing in the studio. I am thrilled to have just produced and released a "new" project by 5 extremely talented female artists here in Stratford. The CD is called "All Through The Night" and it features 11 very cool Lullaby tunes. Also... what I am really proud of is that the proceeds from this great project go to support CMHO... Children's Mental Health Ontario. If you are interested at all in picking up a copy... give me a shout.



Radio Stuff

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on some neat radio stuff. First let me say that I'm thrilled to have had October Sky added to the playlist this week on ON THE HORIZON radio show. If you are someone who just loves to find "new" music be sure to google this show and check out some of the great tunes on it. Also, a huge "thank you" to Mark at the CBC for doing a "feature" on The Thing With Feathers CD this week on his Fresh Air show. The response was amazing and I can't thank him enough for helping raise awareness for both this project and also the PSP illness. Thanks!

Love you all!


Life Must Go On

As many of you are aware, my mother's long battle with PSP finally came to a close two weeks ago. She was an amazing person and I can't even begin to express the gratitude and admiration that I have for her. Life, however, must go on and so that is where I am right now... trying to "go on". One of the things that I have been doing to make sense of everything is promote "The Thing With Feathers" project. If you haven't heard of this yet - Where have you been?... :-) No seriously, if you haven't heard of this yet, it's a really great compilation project made up of a number of different artist with the purpose of raising public awareness around this terrible illness (PSP) as well as funds to help support research towards a cure. For more information please check out www.thethingwithfeathers.com Also... I have been in the studio again this week working on some of the final mixes for "Losing Balance". It is going well and we hope to have a CD ready for you all by the end of March. At the moment there will be 17 tracks included in the project and it has been compared to the likes of a "modern day Tom Petty" and my personal favourite... "the album contains a texture similar to that of The Barenaked Ladies (Canadian Group)... only these ladies are mudwrestling". Anyway... keep in touch, and thank you to all of you that have dropped me a note of support over the years. As always, know that you are appreciated and a huge part of what I do. Sincerely, Michael Bannerman

An "update" on mom - thanks for your support!

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank so many of you for your ongoing support and prayers. I can't begin to tell you how much your notes of encouragement mean... and they always seem to come at the perfect time. Well things with mom are not good at the moment. Yesterday she was moved from the nursing home to the local hospital where they hope to do some surgery to remove her Gal bladder which has been causing her a lot of pain. They have also recently discovered a large tumor growing in her Liver and unfortunately there is little that can be done about it in the condition that my mother is in. On top of that she also has been struggling with Kidney stones... it just doesn't seem to stop... her body, sadly is just shutting down all over the place. On a positive note, I did have a really great visit with her the other day where she was actually able to speak a few sentences... something that does not happen often and is totally cherished when it does occur. I hope to be able to take some time off work here in order to spend the next few weeks with her... but we shall see. The team I work on at the hospital is currently short staffed and it is difficult to "get away". Thanks again for your support everyone. As I said, it is appreciated.

Love Always,


FINALLY - The Thing With Feathers In Manufacturing Phase!

I know that a lot of you have been patiently waiting for the release of the PSP fundraising project entitled "THE THING WITH FEATHERS - HOPE FOR A CURE". Well the great news is that it should be available for purchase sometime in the next 10 days. That's right... the project is nearing the end of production and I am THRILLED to be a part of it. Just for those of you that don't know what this is... It's an amazing 2 disc set that features the music of a number of artists including: MICHAEL BANNERMAN / PICTURES OF THEN / COURTNEY LYNN / STATE OF MAN / DOWNHERE / ONE HUNDRED DAYS / KATE BENETEAU / SCOTT BECKMAN / BOY IN DECEMBER / BRITTLESTAR / STICKBOY / MENDIP ROAD / ALI MATTHEWS / CAROLYN ARENDS / PENNY BROWN / MONICA JOY / ADAM LIPINSKI / SHAWN HLOOKOFF / FRASER / GLEN TEEPLE / ELEVEN ELEVEN Anyway... if you want more information or think you might be interested in purchasing a copy of the project and supporting the cause please check out the web site at: www.thethingwithfeathers.com It will be up and running as soon as product becomes available. Love you all and thanks for the support! Sincerely, Michael Bannerman

Music For Documentary on Substance Abuse

Just a quick note to say that I'm thrilled to be judging the THINK "Battle of the Bands" tonight in Queen's Park. The winning band will have it's "tune" used for an upcomming doumentary movie on the dangers of substance abuse. I believe things kick off tonight at the Stratford Bandshell (Queen's Park) around 6:30pm. For more details check out the THINK site at: http://thinkstratford.blogspot.com Later! Michael


I was hoping to really buckle down this week in the studio and finish up some of the remaining vocal tracks but alas... I have come down with a terrible head cold, my allergies appear to be in high gear and I feel like crap. I couldn't sing a note in key to save my life and my voice sounds like a nasty (as in not good) mix between Tina Turner and Rod Stewart. So ya... frustrating, unproductive week. Hopefully things clear up soon and I can get back in there again. I also have a gig on Sunday that I would really like to "not suck" at. :-)



The Thing With Feathers... Moving Forward

Hey Everyone... Thanks for your ongoing interest in "The Thing With Feathers PSP Compilation". Just a quick "update". The disc is being mastered this Thursday and the cover work is also pretty much complete... so ya - THE END IS NEAR. I am thinking that I have learned a really important lesson here somewhere - Never try to do two projects at the same time. Oh well, my solo project is also almost done and the tunes are actually starting to sound like... well - tunes!

Thanks again everyone for your ongoing support. It is appreciated!


New York

Well I'm just nicely back from a great weekend in the state of New York. Things went really well and what made it most special was getting to share the whole adventure with my son. What a blast! I will update you all on the actual singing/speaking side of things once I've re-cooperated... but for now, let me just say that it was a blast and I've made a lot of great new friends there south of the border!

The Thing With Feathers...

Just a quick update to let you know about something else that I am excited to be a part of on the side at the moment. As many of you are aware my mother is currently battling a terrible illness known as PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). Well, in an attempt to do something both constructive and possitive I am getting together with a number of other artists as well as some other families that have been touched by this illness to create a compilation project. This project will have two main goals... first, it will help raise awareness of this terrible illness, and secondly ALL sales from this project will go to help with research for a cure. Anyway... there are some amazing artists involved and it will truly be an amazing collection of music. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes avaialable, but look for something near the end of May. Thanks! Michael