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What's Tenfifteen all about?

Plain and simple, Tenfifteen is my birth date. October 15, 19something (LOL). More than just my birth date, I believe it was the beginning of my journey. Honestly up until this point I've lived a life of low self-esteem and lacked confidence in myself. I knew I had a gift but didn't think it was special enough to share with anyone else. So I hid behind random local artist. Producing and playing for people that I could shine my talents through. The one thing I knew is that there was nothing I loved more than playing or creating. I would spend days in front of my keyboard/piano and computer screen creating random works. Once and a while I would let someone hear them and the reaction was always the same. They liked it a lot. Still I was terrified of being "center-stage". I'd rather critique than be critiqued. That was until I met 2 people at almost the same time. One person was LeRoix Hampton III. A great producer/musician who played for one of the biggest churches in boston. The other is Rob Lewis. An arranger/producer/songwriter/producer who till this day is one of the top MDs (musical director) in the business. Both of these gentlemen made it their own personal task to embarrass, humiliate, chastise and literally tear down all the fear that was built up in me. By making me play solos, lead choirs/groups, record in professional studio sessions and mingle with people I thought were out of my league. That and the strong family I had like my lil/big brother Daymione would not be satisfied with me sitting in the background anymore. So eventually I started believing in myself and my abilities. I found what made me unique and focused on that. Now I'm finally ready to tell my story through music so that someone else will do the same. I believe strongly that you can spend your life doing what you love. As long as that love fuels your ambition and determination. Everyday you wake up motivated by that fired passion. That is your purpose and it doesn't matter where you are in life... START LIVING ON PURPOSE!

Of course there's more to the story but we'll save that for another day. TENFIFTEEN

My Standard

I started off in the music business producing and programming all kinds of tracks. I actually started programming for myself. I would come up w/ ideas and create tapes of songs/tracks that were really only for me. One day my best friend heard one of my ideas and let her friend who was an upcoming producer check it out. The producer loved it and started asking me to create tracks for projects he was working on. At this point, all i was working with was a cheesy little keyboard but I would tweak sounds on it until it sounded half way decent. Over a period of time I found myself producing and working w/ people I would have never imagined working with. The other thing was that I found myself doing all kinds of music. From high school singing groups to hardcore rap artist. Even though i was only responsible for the music and not the content, I didn't like what my tracks were turning into. To make a long story short, In 1999 my son Ck jr was born and that made me make a decision. When my son was about 3 or 4 he started becoming my biggest fan. singing all my songs wether good or bad. I didn't like that so I made the decision to only do positive/inspiring music. Why? Because I didn't want to be responsible for causing negativity in an all ready negative world. Music has a stronger influence on you then you think. I wanted/want to influence listeners w/ a positive message. I lost a lot of money, relationships and opportunities because of it but wouldn't change it for the world. My life is very small in comparison to human existence and I want to make sure I have a great/positive impact w/ the little time I have here. I also want my children to value the same moral. "I'm investing in the generations to come"

Craig Powe Sr.

My 1st project featuring me....

Terrified is one of the words that come to mind when I describe my emotions planning this project. For years I've produced projects for other feature artist and have felt very comfortable in the background.. Singing backgrounds and playing parts but calling no attention to myself. I loved it but now I feel GOD calling me out... calling me to share my gift/anointing. I've earned a reputation for being pretty hard w/ my criticism and feedback and now people will critic me. "Lord help me"!! The good thing is in my hiding and low self esteem, I've been able to pay close attention to whats going on in the music industry. The good and the bad and feel that this is a great moment to add a different voice. Let me be clear, this is an instrumental project.... The lord hasn't giving the boldness to sing just yet...LOL. why did i write this? I wrote because i want to encourage/motivate you to achieve your dreams in spite of the odds and the obstacles you make for yourself. If GOD has giving you a gift/voice than there's something he needs/requires from you. So be bold, determined, CRAZY!!! and do what he's called us to do. This is only the beginning....

Life as a Christian

I'm 33 and have had a life full of different experiences. The one thing I promised myself was that no matter where I end up, I wanna really represent the kingdom of GOD. I wanna be a light were there's darkness. I think some musician/performers do this by totally entering the secular world and when asked the question "are you saved", they answer proudly yes. I don't want to be that person. I want my life in total to be a learning experience for someone else. I want people to know that they were made by GOD and created in his image so we don't have create alter-egos to maintain a great life. GOD is real and he has giving us dominion. Yeah at one point in my life I found myself in the R&B circuit. I was selling tracks and meeting katz in the industry but I was being "used" and not "called". GOD "called" me to this for him and promised that if I did, he would take of all the rest and he has. I'm no preacher/pastor or minsiter. I'm just an everyday dude who made a eternal decision. I'm having fun and am proud of the footsteps that I'm leaving for the next kat. Are u?