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The Dead Man's Ballet

My life is not worth it I'll try to sheild your eyes As I push this dagger into my chest I'll look deeply in this sight About to watch my world die And it will all come crashing down

The cuts on my wrist marks a pain in my heart A feeling not replaced by a love thats lost

But does it really matter If I'm alive or dead Now A gunshot A bullet to my head every breath of air Feels like death I'll push my lungs to the end and as I lay in this hospitol bed my body grows cold, I will die alone I'm affraid of what my past holds a secret that can destroy my life

I'll push myself to the absolute end but we all know it is a lost cause write your name on this heart i give to you I know it's hard to love when you hate

you ripped my fucking heart out

Rip this out of my chest