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I don't know what's with these sites that have to keep changing things. Who does that help? Usually from my perspective, it means learning how to make the site work like it did yesterday. So, that's my bitch. We will post info about the band here in the future. The list of our members in the customize window doesn't show up anymore. Cry me a river, c'mon. Cheers y'all!!

Beer Supply
Beer Supply  (over 4 years ago)

Also have to say that Reverb Nation is my favourite of all the free platforms for us creative types. Maybe just bummed that it doesn't work the same as it did when I fell in love. Remember what happened to MySpace when it tried to be more like Facebook? Ooops!

Big Gig

Last night was fantastic at the Cottage. Big turnout and lotsa great music and friendly faces. Thanks you all for coming and partying with us. Love you all!!!!