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Last Heroine Fight is finishing up the debut album " When hope isnt enough", We are in the process of looking for a permanent drummer and also management that can represent LAST HEROINE FIGHT as they want to be represented as cause we feel this band and album deserve special attention. We are certain there are millions that would love this music and as hard as we have worked on it we are hoping for nothing more than to get the album out to as many people as possible that are and will be and will remain LAST HEROINE FIGHT fans! We need representation!!!! and a spot for a permanent drummer is still open as we speak if interested contact Last Heroine Fight through reverbnation. If anyone has any good ideas as far as management just hit us up, we are open to trying out anybody...

Thank you for your time and continued support!!!!!!


The world needs more REAL music!


Well, its week one after the release of the first studio single "when hope isnt enough" and we are making progress at finding plenty of ways for you fans to listen to the music. We now have official sites that you can access which go as follows; Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and reverbnation and last of all you can listen to the single through youtube search keywords; last heroine fight when hope isnt enough. thank you all for your support and encouragement...

all updates shall be posted through status updates so keep checkin back with us for new material and merchandise. Do yourself a favor and become a fan on reverbnation...

thank you all again, Frankie Acuna Last Heroine Fight