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wild flower

she had her hair in a bun. loosely. she resembled a flower. petals and stems. often mistaken for one to keep rooted but she is no potted plant. she is a wild flower. breathing her floral scent all over me. rescuing the safest part of me. warm eyes that dance with mine. i hear your heartbeat whisper. i hear your melancholy sigh. i am not trying to impress you into submission. only words i have are those that kiss your instep. play in your hair. light your cigarette. make you a playlist. i'll spend each night inside a patient room. laid across fresh sheets that smell like the sun. a woman wanting. a lover in waiting. i wear this gesture politely.


cough up a lung crack open a skull harp on the instincts that tell u the truth bathe in dishonesty to yourself and not just her to the world u are a fruitcake to the world u are a mystery lets find another substance to forget lets try the window instead of the front door although we're young we're fragile creatures making statements we hope will stick taking chances we know will make us sick stick up for your nonsense stand up for your disbelief trigger happy melancholy sappy love songs cant save you now.

4am splendor

i walk alone my breath tastes like whisky my feet feel like they havent touched the ground so im not really walking now am i forcing the progress of one foot infront of the other move dont fall the street lights in the distance resemble the present feeling far away but bright my future i walk alone gathering thoughts that stream thru and already cluttered mind mind ur own bizniz read my lips such an inappropriate way of dealing conciously making a mess ammends amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a mother fucker like me grace in a glass or a plastic cup or a bottle then all over my hands when i stumble into pple shoving the glorious torment of lonliness down my throat taste so good going down dripping off my lips sending a burning surge to my chest and thru my pores a smell that leaves me wanting more sweat these bones sure know how to shake

riding in cars with rock n roll boys

so we gathered all our instruments and crammed our bodies into our space crafts.never mind the pins n needles in my legs.HOWS MY FOOKIN GEETAR MAAAHN?she shuffles around conspiring treacherous deeds against the majority driven social damage that would test the might of our alien perspectives...this is our terrain...our hovercrafts have surveyed this land before even the time of cave dwelling men and their subserviant hairy women.with our bright bulby eyes and our laser beam guitar stun ray guns in hand....we showed vigilance thru adversity.foolish humanoids wouldnt know enlightenment if it gouged their eyes out with lasers emitting the same measure of heat as the sun.they wouldnt see a falling star if it fell right on their heads.so we got back in our space ships and we put the saftey on on our laser ray guitars.....


i prefer the sober moment of dazing over ur shoulder knowing theres nothing there feeling insecure about tomorrow cuz even 15 mins from now is uncertain im searchin for a tempo that wont scare me hopin for a motive when the smoke clears and the air is grey still waitin and chasing petals of flowers down pavement the engraved scent of your whisper against my cheek i speak with lack of knowing but i speak for keeps with heaps and piles of growing lots of ground underneath my feet a subtle sense of comfort when theres silence bouncing off the walls the door keeps swinging open letting u in and i keep thinkin what could go wrong?