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From MN with LOVE

Professor Fresh:From MN with Love New Full Length Album Coming Soon.

The Grass is Always Greener

So my main focus at the moment is ill e. gal's much anticipated solo record. We have been making great strides on the project and it really starting to come together. For the first time since "Deliciously Vicious," I am excited. Not to take away from every thing since then, but they just never really turned out how I envisioned them. I feel a good chunk of my momentum is coming from the recently recorded Tidal Wave Blues record. So I would just like to take this opportunity to thank every one who was and is involved with that, in particular DJ Shoba. You really reminded me that I make music because it is fun. PEACE FRESH

Professor Fresh Does the East Coast

About ten years ago, I did a lot of drugs...After all was said and done, I was an emcee. Now, Nearing thirty, It's time to really kick it in the ass. It's now or never, say never again. I have recently moved to rhode island, in an effort to do just that. I'm on a mission from god, with a half packet of cigarettes .

well that's it for now, dear readers. off the record on the qt and very hush...hush peace PROFESSOR FRESH-DBF