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Reverb Nation Shoutout

Hey, Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for listening to my music and downloading all of them. Also want to thank my family for always supporting me no matter what. I'm still working on production and song writing. Also want to thank my GF (Rachell) for supporting me and helping me reach my goals. We Came far but have a little ways to go. Stay Up Ya'll.

The Kill Hate Mixtape

Hey, Just wanted to post something to let my fans know I'm working on a new mixtape. The Kill Hate Mixtape will be a all original mixtape. With beats produced by either me or Shaun Brown. I Already have two songs from the mixtape finished and uploaded on my Youtube and Reverb Nation Pages. Also just got word that I will be doing a show in Ada, Oklahoma in a couple months I'll let you know the exact dates. Stay Tuned for more music and updates.