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Dream Concert

So I am riding on the 401 Bus as usual and on my ADHD tangent, I got to thinking. What would be my dream concert tour?

For the first leg I am thinking: Cudi Stalley U2 Green Day The Offspring Earth Wind and Fire George Clinton Chip tha Ripper Interpol Owl City Outkast

What would be your top bands at your show?


How does one achieve happiness?

Is it the way we start our day? Is it marrying our soulmate? Is it renewing our faith in God/gods? Do we get it by listening to our favorite songs?

Happiness to me is the one thing that is virtual because it will always elude us because it is meant to change with your years on this earth; the same with love. Your definition of love back then is different now. It is forever changing.

So what is it to you?