Upcoming Show @ World Grotto on Wednesday, July 15

I had a couple of quick questions to ask you. 1. Gigs Do you have any connections with any clubs/bands outta town? I really want to get me foot in the door out of Knoxville. If you know any people that play around town, maybe I can open for them. I good for it, you can pass a good word for me. 2.Promo I'm trying to get my FACEBOOK group up to 5,000 members by the end of the summer. So what does this have to do with you? Could you invite your friends to the group? I'm not going to lie, it will probably take about 10 minutes since you are so popular! The group is called "Support your local hippie dude..." I haven't announced it yet, but I'm playing at the World Grotto on Wednesday, July 15. Hook a brother up! So maybe together we can boost that membership up. It's almost at 2,000 now! Let me know what you think. Peace and Bongos, Mac Comer