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We got accepted at Pandora!!It'll take up to 3 months before they actually start playin our tunes,but we're pretty excited about it..Thanks Pandora for accepting our music..

Pulling to the Left

Just added a song.It hasn't been mastered and the levels aren't set..but thought I'd give you a preview of it.let us know how you like it.Thanks..Muddy Fork

New songs

Just added 3 more songs on reverb..Stop in and take a listen.Hope you like them..

Muddy Fork Band cd sale

We are havin a Spring sale on our cd's.15, all original Muddy Fork songs..Yellow Sky cd for $10.00's thru our website only,at www.themuddyforkband.com no shipping charges..Thanks to all of you for being Muddy fans..We sure appreciate it..Take care...Muddy Fork Band

New song added

Muddy Fork Band added a new song..Bailey's Woods..hope you enjoy it..

UK radio

www.offthechartradio.co.uk will be playin some of our tunes tomo.Jan.22nd,from 11:00-2:00..This is online so you can send comments about all the artist and leave feedback with Dj Jay Atkins..have a good weekend...

New song added

Muddy Fork Band added a new song..The 6:14...Check it out...


Check it out...Muddy Fork Band and other artist will be on the radio this Saturday on the NUA Show the 15th of January between 4-7pm on www.offthechartradio.co.uk

Indie Music

Muddy Fork Band made the Indie Music Editor's Pick!

Cold,Cold Ground Video

Muddy Fork Band just added their new video...Watch it on HD..Thanks