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Summer Plans!!!!

Well it looks like my summer music wise is getting full. I have everything from weddings to sing at with Funks Most Wanted to touring with Warrior King. I'm truly enjoying myself, it's nice to work with people you like and respect. I'm thrilled at the fact Kina and I will be on the road together again always a perfect harmony when the two of us are together. I look forward to seeing everybody at the shows. Have a very Blessed day!!! 3

Music and a relationship

I have discovered the best emotional drive while I'm writing is a relationship. Or should I say loved ones. Even if it's a great day a bad day..out come the lyrics. Life challenges always give me something to talk about. I think deep thoughts and often try to figure out what makes people act a certain way...I love being in love and I love seeing people in love and I love God so very often I end up with the mellow smooth chill sound. with some truth and deep lyrics.why cause I am chillin, at peace, and letting my emotions flow.:) Have a beautiful Blessed day...enjoy life enjoy love, embrace it!

Writing and recording music!!!!!

Well you know me at it like always, how I ended up on three projects at one time is beyond me but I love them all. One duet and two singles in the make. After that I should be helping Governor Tiggy on a few things and it's music music music, Reggae, Neo Soul and Gospel ....it's a lot of fun to be versatile when it comes to music...it's all about love . Have a very Blessed night all!! Oh also I'm about to start working with Jamin Jay from Z90 let him do some promoting for me.


I'm having one of those by myself moments thinking of one person moments so I guess I'll write a sing about it..lol So nice to have happy thoughts or picture a great smile and a beautiful spirit.....what a gift!


Currently working on a Duet with a great male singer song is going to be hot. This is a love song and it's pretty cool to sing with a male vocalist with a smooth voice just like mine, great tune in the making. Also heading to the studio bright and early n the morning. Have a couple of shows coming up Saturday is the Lemon Festival don't miss it. Then i'm ready to head over seas and also to the east coast. Hope to see everybody soon.

Singing Singing Singing!!!!

I am about to try and take the world by storm :) I'm working on my Contemporary Gospel Album..feeling overjoyed and ready to Bless the world with the gifts God has given me in lyrics. It's funny how now matter what happens in life it's a learning experience and just part of your journey to share with others Always try to be a positive person it's not always easy. My gift is not for me but to sooth others. Everybody have a beautiful and Blessed Day.

Lord I Come

I must say of all the songs I have ever written, this one is my most fulfilling right now. It's a simple song, the lyrics flowed very easily and the hardest part of the song was taking the time to sing all the harmony parts on it myself. Everybody knows I'm not ashamed to say that I love the Lord, and I don't mind being that square in the bunch, my high is a natural one and my joy is sincere. I will be completeing my Contemporary Gospel album as well as my Smooth Jazz one...all in between tour dates. I've been Blessed to work with some great musicians along the way and I'm managing to stay focused in spite of all the distractions around me. I simply love music, I love to sing and appreciate the gift I was given.

My Songs

My Songs

Well hello people!:) I was asked today who does the great background vocals on my songs well, me me and me lol! I sing all my own background vocals no auto tune on my tracks, no fake harmony parts I sing them all. I nicknamed my alto parts"Bertha" and my Soprano parts "Betty" lol a lil humor between the producer and myself lol. But i love love love pretty harmony parts. The other question was how do I come up with my lyrics.."LIFE" ! On the new song Maybe I was inspired by a long lost friend and our conversations about relationships marriage , the good, bad, and the ugly and what we want and deserve and refuse to tolerate. And this man is such a beautiful person inside and out I wrote a love song also I just think you shouldn't take your mate for granted and spend more time together and if you don't have trust u have nothing the perfect match is probably right in your face. The fall I wrote because I know a person who's afraid to just step out and trust and this simple fact holds them back. I believe as a friend you should be there to inspire a person or hold a hand when they're life seems like it's going the wrong direction. I'm so excited and happy about how my album is coming along also I'm playing keys more and as yall know I can play guitar a lil..I'm brushing up n that too. I want to be able to not just sing at a show but play keys more often, and even jump behind the drums which I've played sense 7th grade. A lot of time I keep my talents hidden I'm out the closet with it now lol. Stay Blessed everybody and remember to love yorself always!

Your Focus!

Never let anybody stop you from focusing on your music! Funny how when in a relationship as a artist how bad the jealousy can get. But never fear you can find that joy to ease your pain in your own music! The best songs are about a emotional situation the artist felt would take them over the edge ...be happy with your gift let no man or woman stop you.....let the lyrics flow!

Blessed To Sing!

Just here thanking the Lord up above for the gift of music. I've been Blessed to sing and reach people deep in the soul. And I truly treasure every opportunity that has come my way to sing and for that I give thanks. Always stay humble, stay true to yourself and remember everything that glitters isn't gold. In this industry at times you have to take chances and at times you have to know when to walk away. I continue to pray for wisdom and look forward to the rest of my music career.......Soooo excited about the future and can't wait to meet more people and just siiiiiiiiing:)

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