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Looking to remix your song

I'm always looking to mix other musicians songs, or work on projects together. If you have any music or some acapella recordings and are interested in letting me put my own spin on them just drop me a line or mail me some data. While i love making my own songs i really enjoy the challenge of doing something different with other musicians creations. Ive got a lot of interest from other ReverbNation members which has been great. So far Ive been sent music from several different genres including rappers, rockers and all sorts of pop and dance acts. If your interest then the best thing to do is to take a track you would like me to do something with and break it down into its different tracks. Obviously its hard if not impossible to do anything decent with just a complete song because all you can do is put something over the top of it, and thats not going to sound great. If the track was recorded on a computer or in a studio then it should be possible to separate the tracks into Drums, Vocals, and any other instruments. Sending these tracks will make it possible for me to isolate each track so i can work on them or remove them completely and replace them with something different. Even if your just a vocalist then you can send a track with just the vocal and i can build something around it. If your interested you can contact me direct on the Ziggy Love Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ziggy-Love/169289566419914 Add me there and ill add you back, either mail me your facebook details here or post them on my page. You can also contact me or mail me tracks at inolanzombie@yahoo.co.uk If your having problem emailing tracks then you could try using soundcloud.com to upload your tracks to and mail me a link to your page. Its a great site for storing and sharing your music on. If you have not checked it out before its well worth a look. Ziggy