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2015 Best Song - Max T Barnes Cairns to Nashville Song Competition

Held in Cairns, the finals for this competition bought together many acclaimed local songwriters ready to compete for the awards.

On the day, "My Kind of Paradise" was awarded the 2015 Best Song and Brealyn Sheehan won best performer.

For more details: http://www.shirleylynnmusic.com/shirl/2015_maxtbarnesSongwritingCompetition.html

Music Video - "My Kind of Paradise"

Shirley has successfully attracted funding through Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) engaging the skills of local Cairns film maker Kyle Wilson from Little Earth Productions to create a music video with Shirl's award winning song, "My Kind of Paradise". The video premiered at Mondos, The Hilton - Songwriters on the Waterfront on 22nd August was filmed in and around Cairns drawing on the local landscape where the rainforest meets the sea.

*Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture.

For more information: www.shirley.lynn.com.au

2013 Song of Carnivale

I'm feeling very elated... My song, "My Kind of Paradise" has been selected as this year's Song of Carnivale. The song will be used in conjunction with the media and advertising campaign leading up to this year's Port Douglas - Carnivale.

The song has been recorded by Larry Cash from Port Douglas and a song single will be made available through CD baby and from my website - www.shirleylynn.com.au

It was a competition with three finalists. There were three (3) judges and a people's choice vote. The vote held a 25% weight in the outcome. I tailed in the votes, however my numbers came through with other aspects of the judging. All three judges were unanimous.

I am very grateful for all the votes that I received. The support was amazing and I am so thankful.

The recording of "My Kind of Paradise" has been uploaded here in Reverbnation. I hope you'll take a listen and please give it a like if you do.

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