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2011 Hip Hop Appreciation Week

On May 16, 2001, Hip Hop gathered in the ‘Delegates Dining Room’ located at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, to present a document called the Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace. It was designed to establish the Global Hip Hop Kulture, as an International Culture of Peace & Prosperity, that was signed in to action by various organizations such as: United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), The Ribbon International, New York’s City Hall, The Temple Of Hip Hop, The Universal Zulu Nation, and also by 300 Hip Hop Activists, Pioneers, and UN delegates. For those who do not know, The Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace is the accumulation of all the interviews and notes taken, at Hip Hop’s famous and not-so-famous summits and conferences, since 1987. With Hip Hop being a Physical, Oral, and Intellectual Tradition, The Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace was designed as accumulated Historic Knowledge, to offer guidance and settle general disputes, that commonly arise between Hiphoppas while presenting Hip Hop’s Kulture as a Unified, Self-Governed Community of Peace & Prosperity. This Declaration is meant to show Hip Hop as a positive phenomenon, which has nothing in common with the negative image of Hip Hop as something that corrupts young people and encourages them to break the law. It will help guide the Hip Hop Kulture towards freedom from violence, as well as establish advice and protection for the existence and development of the International Hip Hop Community. Through the principles of this Declaration Of Peace we, Hip Hop Kulture, will establish a foundation of Health, Love, Awareness, Wealth, Peace & Prosperity, for ourselves, our children, and our children's children, forever.