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If you would like to get our monthly email with updates gig lists etc, please let me have your addy via email below or msg here (plus the town you live in). This info will only be used for the above purpose, and will really help us to stay in touch on a more personal basis. Many many thanks :) nickhamil@hotmail.com

Egnater Rebel 30

http://www.egnateramps.com/ attention all guitarists - we have now run in out new Egnater Tourmaster cab, and can testify that with the Rebel 30 head, it sounded AWESOME. We got the chance to hear it back to back with the old but gold rig (1969 Laney Supergroup plus orangey 2x12 ) and everyone who heard and tried the Rebel 30 agreed it was a huge leap forward. Highly recommended to those looking for an upgrade ...

Henrik Freischlader

Just finished an amazing tour with Henrik Freischlader Easily the best live band experiance we've had.We've seen Weather Report (withJaco!), Genesis at their zenith, Chick Corea, Steps Ahead and many many more, but for the sheer drive and emotional beauty of his playing, Henrik is our favourite. He hinted at a re-match next year, so here's hoping!! http://www.reverbnation.com/henrikfreischlader

New Facebook Jam/Open Mic Page


Hiya, - could you help me get this site going by giving it a wee ‘LIKE’, and if possible, sharing it ? The more ‘likes we get the more venues are going to find it and post on it. Not only is this helping to increase public awareness of live music, but it’ll open up new venues for bands to contact for paid live gigs. We all need to get bums back on seats! If you know of any more likely venues could you let me/them know about it ??

Annie Smart (Boogie Cousin/Niece) meets Dolly Parton!!


Our fabulous niece/cousin Annie gets well stung by John Barrowman for his BBC show Tonight's The Night - fantastic 10 mins of telly !!!

GREAT Blues Site !!

http://www.b-l-u-e-s.com/lewis-hamilton ... Just up on this great site - lots of info pics and great internet radio station. Recommended!

(Santa) Wallace


This is Santa (don't ask him why Santa...) shot on a mobile phone so shakey, but you'll get the point!

Boogie Brother Steve Hamilton joins Kurt Elling for a wee jam on the BBC


CD arrived !!

A nice man in a nice truck just turned up with an nice bunch of boxes containing 1000 "Gambling Machine" CD's. YEEHAAA! Just facebook or message me here if you want one, I take paypal, so it couldn't be easier...

rising and rising - what happened?

Thanks and big manly hugs to our new buddies overseas that have helped us to a surprising no 120 (12 in the UK) in the world RN Blues charts ...