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End of Keep on Keepin On - Tanya Michelle and Sankofa


Philippe Paris and Tanya Michelle house song Surviving! check it out


philippe paris feat. tanya michelle - surviving

1shot Mixtape release January 2nd 2008

Raheem and Tanya Michelle embark on a musical adventure combining hip hop and soul together on a FREE mixtape. Quality music to be given away to the fans, friends; labels, radio, you name it if you want it its yours for FREE. If you like it and you could hear more, then we propose you to stay tuned to news about the debut solo soul album from Tanya Michelle which will be coming out very soon, with many of the Tanya Michelle original tracks you have been dying to get on CD. Enjoy the Gift of music, and remember to spread the good word of love for these artist and support them to give you the best music God has blessed them with to give to you. Happy new year!