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Where Synchronicity meets Destiny & Purpose

About six weeks ago, I took a huge breath and a huge leap of faith. Having spent almost 7 years singing non-stop in the French Caribbean, I decided it really was time to move....fully.....back to the city of Angels to finish my album and produce the shows that I had envisioned & dreamed about for years. Six weeks later, I sit here baffled at how fast these dreams are materializing. Having been a 'superspeed' 'type A' personality for years, it's quite amusing actually to sit here in such a state of peace and unworried contentment as a witness to what is clearly SO much bigger than me, or my vision. I can only say this: When we get out of our own way, move EGO totally aside, and let a higher power fully take the reigns, absolutely amazing things take place. My level of gratitude for the people and friends who have stepped into my life over these past few weeks is impossible to describe. I'm surrounded by beautiful, exceptionally talented women, all of whom I am honored to call friends. I'm thankful to them, and thankful to God for bringing us all together ....now.... Life Is Better Than Good!