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Taylor Halpin Interview!!!

Tampa Metal Music Examiner: Metal is for the young guns, plain and simple. And no other Tampa band proves that better than Slay the Serpent. I'm here with Taylor Halpin, guitarist of Slay the Serpent. Thank you Taylor for joining me. How old are you, anyways?

Taylor Halpin: Me, The drummer, and the vocalist are 16. The other guitarist. Christian, is 17.

TMME: Sweet 16, looks like you are now my youngest interviewee. How did Slay the Serpent come to be?

TH: Well, It started as Corrupted Machine about a year ago. I was the drummer and Christian was the guitarist but after it broke up me and Chris stayed together and just tried to find new members. I met Dominic at a show I was filling in at. Then I messaged him later to ask him to join the new band me and Chris. He said yeah so he came and learned all of our songs. I asked Danny to play bass for us and he said sure and he just fit. Then Chris and Dominic knew our first vocalist Jesse. But Jesse just didn't quite work out so we enlisted Trevor Starnes and we're were we all are today .

TMME: A drummer as well? Do you play anymore instruments? How long have you been playing?

TH: Yeah I also play bass and piano. I've been playing those for a year or so but I've been playing drums for 5 years and guitar for two and half years now.

TMME: Pretty well-rounded. What do you want from Slay the Serpent? Do you want to go out as the most brutal Tampa project or just a band of teens who are gunho on playing?

TH: I want this band to be one of the most recognized bands out there. But mostly I want to play music and have the time of my life playing in front of large crowds.

TMME: You have played some good shows with some good bands in your short while. What was your favorite show and why?

TH: Oh that's a hard one... I'd either say State Theater because that was a pretty intense show and it was our first. Or our show at the Roosevelt because that was a turning point since we've played it we've been getting good show offers and it was just allot of fun to me.

TMME: The Roosevelt is a very underrated venue. If I'm not mistaken Sanctum conducted a 10 point pit. Are you from Tampa or you an outsider coming in?

TH: I was born and raised in Tampa. And damn proud of it.

TMME: How did you get into metal?

TH: In middle school I always liked Maiden and old school stuff like that. But I started listening to Soulfly then I got into death and then I started to just branched out into different styles of metal.

TMME: Again, well-rounded. What do you want to be when you grow up?

TH: I want to be a world renown musician or a chef actually! I really love cooking so if music doesn't work out they'll be the next thing I want to do as a career.

TMME: Tasty. You will be playing the "Tampa Bay Main Event". Are you excited for that or is it just another show?

TH: Oh I'm very excited for that its an honor that were on it! There are going to be some very awesome bands we'll be playing with! But to us there really isn't just another show we always play full force and as best as we can.

TMME: Well, congratulations. That is all I have for you tonight. Is there anything you'd like to add?

TH: Yeah Thanks to all the bands that have helped us out and thanks for everyone for coming out and supporting and thank you Wes for this.


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