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Tate Music Group Album released online

My debut through the label "Tate Music Group" was released through their website on October, 30th 2014. The nationwide and worldwide release will be in stores on January 20th, 2015. Worldwide in select markets. Please go to the link and get your copy today and support T.R.S.P.....God bless!! :) http://www.tatemusicgroup.com/epk/?id=24001

Album to be finished after all

I went through a period of self-hate and financial burden. I still am in the financial part, but where there was a will there was a way. The album is still on and will be released through Tate Music Group this summer.

Can't afford to breathe

Got news today that I didn't expect. So I can't afford to live yet afford to pay my label what I owe on a retainer. If anyone has $995.00 I can borrow, let me know.

Signed to Tate Music Group March 15, 2013

I signed my first record contract with the Christian music label and publishing company Tate Music Group (a.k.a. TMG) on March 15, 2013 out of Mustang, OK. I signed it 2 days after my 1 year anniversary of releasing my first debut album release online (available on iTunes and Amazon mp3). I am very excited about this and hope to have this released later this year. It will have a mix of older songs and newer songs. Everything will sound pristine with all songs being revamped, re-recorded, and retooled. I am happy to announce that my good friend Chris White will be doing the drum tracks on the album for me. I have know Chris for many years now. He played in a band called "This Machine". Check out their stuff if you get a chance. I am looking forward to playing some shows and some gigs soon and will attempt this last chance at this particular genre before I get older. I hope to be working with a lot of my former band mates from previous bands "Grounded in Christ" and "Outshined". I look forward to this challenge over the next year and hope that I can rely on all of my supporters out there when things start to come to fruition. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you!! :)

1 year since debut release

Today marks one year to the day since I first officially released my music to the public.

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Sometimes its best to know when its time to stop. Unfortunatley the time is now.

Not a popularity contest!!

C'mon now musician's and artists of the world! I have 1000 profile views and 1100 song plays. It don't add up. If you want me to fan you back, take 5 minutes and listen to my music and I'll gladly listen to yours! God bless each and every one of you! :)

I didn't get on here much to just recently

Trying to connect with other musicians can be tough, but here lately i've been listening to more music out there throught this site. The stuff that's out there will blow you away!

Come join me over on Facebook!

Come by my page and follow the link to get your copy of my first solo release called "Storm of Blank Sky"! God bless!!


New to REVERBNATION (come check it out)

This is a very cool site for getting some stuff online. A lot different than some of the other formats that I've used in the past.