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Come Chill With Us!

We'll be hanging out at the intersection from about 6-8pm to watch Miggs play at the intersection! So come see us and talk to us for a while! Afterwards come to 36th Street Lounge cause we'll be playing at open mic night there! We'll have t-shirts, cds, and tickets for our upcoming shows at Mixtape w/ Amely and at The Intersection for the December 19th portion of Battle of the Bands!

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hey! We're If Tomorrow Never Comes! We're an upcoming band from Grand Rapids Michigan just looking to get our name out there like any other band. We are currently preparing for a big event coming up in December that you can check out in our shows section of our Reverb Nation account. That event is, Battle of the Bands at the intersection. We have a practice schedule worked out until the day of the event. We have a day for every original and cover song and have a few practices to focus on synchronizing our dance moves! We NEED to sell lots of tickets for this event to do well because we think the judging is heavily based on the crowd you bring in along with your performance, so we would LOVE and support we can get out there! Please add us on Myspace and fan us on Facebook! We could always use more support!

Our Facebook Link- http://www.facebook.com/pages/If-Tomorrow-Never-Comes/10150148498745004

Our Myspace Link- http://www.myspace.com/iftomorrownevercomesband

Thanks for reading!

-If Tomorrow Never Comes