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Gooogle Day

What's hannin out there people??? I appreciate the support that everyone has been giving me... Shout out to @Kenia Arenas for being one of my top fans, if don't nobody else feel me and my click music she does and we appreciate that. We need more people to just support. I'm planning a "Gooogle Day" where I can give out toys to parents that don't have the funds to get their child/children christmas gifts. "GooogleMan"

Letter To The Rap Game

Hello, I go by the name of GooogleMan. I’m an up and coming rapper from Birmingham, Al with potential to be a great artist. I need you’re friendship on reverbnation and any other place you might hear or see my name and in turn I will do the same. There are a lot of great rappers that won’t ever get heard because of lack of Quality, Fan Base, Collaborations, and or time spent perfecting this craft that we love to do. What I’m asking and need is to get your support and collaboration to get my music to different parts of the world and in turn your music will do the same. I got a lot of hustle and won’t stop any time soon. Just remember the name GooogleMan because one day everyone will know it and know the people that had my best interest on the come up. So please I need you’re collaboration and friendship because record labels looking but telling me I need a bigger fan base. Thanks in advance and let’s get money.