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Believe in Yourself

This is a conversation I had earlier today with a friend of mine via text message: Friend: no matter what happens keep pushing forward.. you are gonna be a star Me: Awwe. thanks for the prophetic statement, but let's be realistic. Lolz. :P Friend: Realistic about what? i don't BS people about that Me: I know, but that's a huge thing to tell someone. It's inspiring, but I've been told that by so many people that I don't wanna be let down if it doesn't happen. Know what I mean? I'm not dissing you or anything like that. PLEASE don't think I'm doing that... Friend: I don't think that... i just wish you would believe in yourself more His last statement hit me hard, and it inspired me to write this blog, "Believe in Yourself!". On Monday (April 2nd), one of my favorite artists, Wayne Starks, released the music video for his single, "Believe" ft. Allegro Nevella. The song was written & produced by the one and only Floyd "Timeless" Thomas whom I have had the opportunity to work with. In this song, Allegro sings: "Don’t let your eyes get in the way of your vision. It’s not by sight but it’s by faith that you can do anything." I confess that I am guilty of this. There are times I sit and watch YouTube videos of random people singing or I browse through the ReverbNation artists, and I say to myself, "There are SO many singers out there that are more talented than I am. Why am I even trying to break into this business?" When I worked with the Floyd for the first time, we recorded "I'ma Be Great", which is my testimony and a declaration that I will achieve a level of greatness. At the bridge, I sing, "To anybody who's listening, know you can make it. You can do anything. Believe that you're gonna win in life. Use everything that you have been through to your advantage. Let it inspire you to be GREAT"! Why, then, am I discouraging myself when I am preaching that "I'ma Be Great"? I have to remember that God has a purpose for my life, and I need to disregard those negative thoughts that tell me that I do not have a place in the music industry. They are clearly from the devil & the devil has no control over me. I fully believe that God put me on this Earth to be an inspiration to our generation through music, and I am going to live out my purpose. Although I lose confidence in myself at times, it does not mean I will give up. It's just a bump in the road that will pass. We all have times when we lack the motivation to do what we are called to do. My hope is that you continue to put your faith in God that all things will come to pass if you just believe. In Wayne Starks' "Believe", Allegro continues singing, "Don’t let your ears get in the way of the nearing God. All you need is Him and your persistence and it’s already done just BELIEVE!" Stay faithful, keep your eye on the prize, and go for your dreams. Don't allow anyone to stop you including yourself! You are your number one motivator. If you don't believe in yourself, who is going to believe in you? #FoodForThought. @RealJamesLamar

Earlier Music

As of today, I decided that I will sell my two earliest recordings: "Just Can't Get Enough" & "Baby Gurl". They show the immaturity in my voice, but because I wrote the lyrics to both of the songs, I feel as though they have some value. Feel free to purchase the songs. They are only $0.99 each. Enjoy!


Productive Session

This past weekend, I worked with Floyd “Timeless” Thomas & James Kieth on three new tracks for #TheDemoCDProject. We recorded “Fragile Heart”, “Right Here”, and “Don’t Give Up On Love” (Duet with Tiffany Bailey). I had a blast working with Floyd & James! I met some of the artists on the A1O Record Label (Wayne Starks, Ian Grindstaff, Tiffany Bailey, & Allegro Nevella) and I went to Floyd’s church this morning.

Overall, I had an incredible time recording this project. This was supposed to be the last recording session before we started putting #TheDemoCDProject together, but there is a possibility that I may be coming to Fort Wayne again to record some more. Here are the next steps:

Work on “James Lamar” Image Photo Shoot(s) Music Videos Build Up a Fan Base!

Can’t wait for you all to hear the new music! @RealJamesLamar

Trials & Tribulations Lead to Great Songs

We all have those rough times in our lives where we think we'll never get out of our situation. I had an emotional romantic experience that had me feeling at my lowest so I decided to express myself through song. I wrote "Fragile Heart", and I soon posted it to my YouTube & Facebook for friends/family to hear. I say all of this because today, I recorded "Fragile Heart" with Floyd Thomas. He saw the video on YouTube, and he produced the track into something I never could have even imagined. This just comes to show that God allows to go through uncomfortable situations to help us grow. In my case, this bad experience led me to write an incredible masterpiece that the world is getting ready to hear. I can't wait for you guys to listen to the final product!