"Miracle Tree ministry"

This whole page is dedicated to our ministry and music through our recovery.

My youtube channel

If you wanna check out all genres of my music, please be sure to subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much! https://www.youtube.com/user/myles000007 Please subscribe and check out my Christian music all genres.

Writing music, "All Genres"

One thing I believe in more than anything else; Is using my abilities to reach many different people. I was blessed enough to be able to write many different styles and play many instruments. With that being said, you will never see me narrow my music down to one style of playing and I will go to any measure of writing to be able to touch the hearts of all people, young and old. I hope my music will bless you in a way that you will be affected by not only the songs I've written, but by the Hand of God in a wonderful way. Thank you for listening and God bless all my fans.