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"Misty Gates" on the air of National Radio "Era".


Guitarist Volodimir is back in MG band:may 2013

Regarding the intense professional activity and additional music. project ranks Misty Gates left Andrew "Ryzhyj" Reznikov, and the ranks of the team again was already a veteran of Misty Gates Vladimir Matviychuk known with distant times 2010 - 2011 years., including work in teams and the famous Lviv gangs ("Galaxy" etc.). Consequently, guitars - two bass, one drums - one as well - vocals. Do reincarnation, change yourself - but do something! Heavy, thrash, death core - no matter! You can do it? Do it better! :)

Misty Gates:Ukrainian heavy metal band

We are from ancient Lviv city(Ukraine).Have You ever heard about or knew smthing?:)City of Kings, great archiecture, motherland of coffee-shops like culthural stuff, legendary brewerys...And more!Lviv city looks like London or a Paris...And we play hard, heavy ..rock stuff! Welcome!