My new CD single cover art contest!!!!

I'm so happy to be a part of the amazing Womanthology project and because I'm surrounded by such amazingly talented artists I thought what a cool idea to have someone illustrate the artwork for my new CD single "I got everything" Entries are trickling in and deadline is coming up so enter now to win!!!! http://www.womanthology.blogspot.com/p/samantha-newark-jem-album-cover-contest.html check out the Womanthology project too - AMAZING they have raised 100,000 for the book and it all goes to charity WOW !!!! http://kck.st/p2HKse


Fun Invitation last night to join two wonderful JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS fans on their Internet radio Podcast show "I'm Going To Kill You". Lot's of great questions re: my work as Jem & jerrica on the Cartoon series and what I'm up to with my music and my new ablum etc...Thanks to Ed and George and Brian for a fun Eve!!! Airdates to follow soon

In pre-production for my brand new album

So fun being back in the arms of creating a brand new album. A long distance great collab with long time friend/writing partner Dave Polich. Who was the keyboard programmer for the Michael Jackson "This Is It" tour. Mad skills and such the ear for this delicious fun Synth Pop melodic sexy moody new vibe for this album. Just trying to narrow down the 30 or so songs that I've written over the past few months to the strongest 10. Almost time for gloves here in Nashville but it don't feel so bitter cold when you are doin' what you love. Stay Outragous!! Sam x0