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Experience the experiment of music - Anuradha

Experience the experiment of music - Anuradha ===================================== "Freedom is worth much more than gold". As a latitudinarian and a vocalist, Anuradha started doing some experiments in free style music genres like REGGAE. Milina Malak (A Withered Flower) which was recently composed by Anuradha is the first result of the experiments. Natively Anuradha is a Sri Lankan citizen so he has done his first music track in his mother tongue -- Sinhalese. However, he is currently working on an English track and the visual for his maiden track (Milina Malak), which will be released shortly. Living in the immaculate Kandy city in Sri Lanka, his feelings and thoughts have been merged with the nature and its value. So what would be Anuradha's next track? Perhaps it will be a track explaining about the modern human nature or maybe it will be a track defining about the nature. Please comment.......