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Lost In My Own Mind

The feelin of decpetion without intellection Mind On Froze while life is fast action Move fast but think slow thats y we all clashin Stationary positions put me on thug passion I let my hair do what it do & i do me Got my own style & swagg very unique Lovin the Erykah Badu sound Even when my eye lidz go down Food 4 thought we"re only taught not 2 think now How can I live in society lyke dis??? Have determination & pride 2 write dis You dnt have 2 lyke me or belive what I say Cuz I'm a Black man who keep it real erryday I value music notes while more others want the pay UNITY...there iz a betta way 2 Find independence, knowledge, & life 2 the fullest Doesnt matta bout the gun if uno who's makin da bullets Women can be the downfall of a man...if you lettem Men Can turn women in2 the queen of the damned...den still gettem Krazy Place I've been lately most wouldn't dare 2 go Itz A place that cnt be discribed n the door stayz closed Everything in the world & more lies here emotions, thoughts, theories, fact, pears meaningful music cause & effect homocide, abortion, suicide wit dialect I only undstand, Revolutionist i am The key 2 peace nobody see's there blind Musically sublime...LOST IN MY OWN MIND-HaZey World

Revolution Is In Our Handz

I am a man with the pride of a Black Panther, Mentality of Tupac, & Mind Of Malcom X....Determination 4 A Positive Revolution, upliftin my people...FUCK the constitution The Plan Is 2 take us off the face of the earth, b4 the world really understandz my verse, as time goez by the population gets worst, REVOLUTION IS COMIN KILLUMINATI DIE FIRST!!!-HAZE Eugenics-The Study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding There are three main ways by which the methods of eugenics can be applied. One is mandatory eugenics or authoritarian eugenics, in which the government mandates a eugenics program. Policies and/or legislation are often seen as being coercive and restrictive. Another is promotional voluntary eugenics, in which eugenics is voluntarily practiced and promoted to the general population, but not officially mandated. This is a form of non-state enforced eugenics, using a liberal or democratic approach, which can mostly be seen in the 1900s. The third is private eugenics, which is practiced voluntarily by individuals and groups, but not promoted to the general population.

The Truth-Revolution

This is a game of brinksmanship, the harder the Globalists push the more we the people resist. Our numbers are growing and our convictions are resolute. The 21st century is a battle for the mind and Martial Law is a weapon of mass enlightenment. It's doomsday time for the Globalists. It's one minute to midnight and their empire of deception is crumbling to the ground as humanity embraces our innate and God given destiny - truth and freedom.

Life Through My Eyez

Tryna Survive In Dis Suicidal Lifestyle, We're Bred 4 Bloodshed But Itz Gone Take A While, 2 Kill Us All I Know Da Truth So I Dnt Smile, Fuckin Fedz Ova Here Standin While A Kid Shot Down, Mothers Having Babiez Without Happiness But A Frown, Fathers Neva Around Somewhere Outta Town, Females Take Advantage...Damn I Cant Stand It, Picture Played Out So Perfect Lyke Dey Planned It, Grandmaz gettin Up In Age, Gotta Reach My Goals In A Faster Way, Errything Aint True Dat Da Pastor Say, I Listen 2 Da Voice Up Above & Within, All About Music My Lifetime Record Spin, Imma Change Da World & Stay True 2 Myself Even If I Sin & Keep Flowin Lyke Da Wind-HAZE