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The Situationist status report:

If we were planning to put out another three song EP, we would be adding some finishing touches and resting easy right now. After spending a long weekend and some late nights at the studio we have nearly completed crafting three new, weird, mellow pop tunes. I am not usually one for bravado, but these songs are killer! Sonically, this is the best stuff we have done. Unfortunately our goal is an entire album and the rest of the songs, although tracked well enough seem plagued with problems. It is tough engineering and mixing your own band. Also, my amp crapped out on me, Fret Mill Music did a shitty job intonating my guitar (and you can hear it on the cuts, thanks FM), Gene got the flu, Paul and I got hit with severe head colds, Doug lost his mind and I nearly lost my voice. Most of my original vocal takes sound like Peter Brady when he was going through puberty. Hopefully these are the trials that one goes through when trying to make a good album. As fun as performing on stage can be, recording in the studio has always been this bands natural habitat.

On a positive note, we have completed our cover of Receptors song “Disconnected.” This is slated for an upcoming compilation of bands covering local bands, to be released on vinyl by Sewn Together Records. If you are not familiar with Receptors, or 8-bit Operators you should check them out.

http://www.receptorsmusic.com http://sewntogetherrecords.com

In other areas of collaboration, we have completed recording a song that I wrote with friend and two-time former bandmate Jay Wilson. Jay and I recorded a demo version of “Collapsible Buildings” back in the day and we tacked it on to The Violent Spectator’s posthumous release, Sensitive Material (2006).

It will most likely be a few months before we complete this album, but I will try to upload a new song here soon.

Thanks, as always to John Thompson for lending me his Fender Twin, Ryan Browning for lending his fancy microphones, Marshal Hicks for helping out in the studio, and Kent Moore for coming by and snapping some photos of the band in the process.