Rock & Roll never Dies

Well here we are,the name is Sevvunn and i play guitar for this band.I have been playing for a long time,i have basically been around the block several times and lo and behold just when i thought it was over i get dragged back into the rock & roll circus.Now unlike before some years ago in looking for that deal,it;s about being with two other guys that share the same idea,guys that want to make music not just learn other artists songs and think they are doing it,naw we have been writing and recording with shows in between but mostly concentrating on our sound,our songs,and from that we have put together a three year labor of love,we consider this our first cd,and with the support of all who listen for a new sound well try this one,Rock and Roll doesn't die it gets better and the songs that we do are us carefully not trying to sound like another clone of charted bands we give you us,as time goes by we will make it possible for all our fans to hear what's in the mind of a guitarist that battles to be himself and that battle is his to win,even though i have many influences they are for me to listen to.I have often based my writing on the advice of the Great Little Richard,(be a inovator not a immatator),So in conclusion i have to say that even though i have done this many times before the urge to rock never leaves your soul,a lot of the great veterans of r&r are now coming back and the age of arena rock may still be on the horizon,all hail the power trio,zz top,robln trower,rush,cream,the band of gypsys,in their shadows we emerge to start by taking the local title of heavy weight monster trio champions of the carolinas dont let the age fool you The Veterans of the rock wars are here and banging hard,dont miss it........