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Seeing through smoke and mirrors

Hey kids its Dj Chi here, and I want to discuss the traps and pit falls of following your dream. To most musicians the art of song is a release. You can be everything you want and don't want to be. Some have the luxury to be "themselves" on a massive, mainstream scale. But most only do it from the confines of their own home. You really need to ask yourself what you want out of music before you endeavor on the quest. Major labels just chew you up and dumb you down and indies give you freedom but much less support. We are on the cusp of a new era of music business so its up to us the fan and the artist to dictate its future. The web has done 2 things made music unbelievably accessible and over saturated the scene. Its good and bad. You almost have to be an avid connoisseur to get at least one act you can handle. Thankfully there is last.fm and reverbnation.com to help filter the stream. Much like the fm radio has done. Keep fanning the flame and support your local scene. -Chi

Transcribe  (over 6 years ago)

It's a David Blaine world out there and i couldn't have put it better myself.. fan those flames and fan these membranes.. become a fan of Transcribe For we are only 1 of the messengers to a much greater cause.. but know this.. we are the real genuine article, our music is pre-filtered for all's listening enjoyment. The only question is.. are you coherent enough to pick up our frequency??