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This Town Needs An Enema"


Last weekend I had the privilege of getting out to a few clubs and seeing some local music and I have to say I'm a little perturbed, what kind of town do we live in, where a club would pay a band a nice chunk of change to hack thru a bunch of tired ass classic rock songs.. I mean songs the Big 106 have put to death.. How dare you insult my ears with your crappy medley featuring Black Sabbath's Paranoid & Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love.. The point is... there love for music has faded.. they're a human jute box & a broken down one I might add..I don't mean to come down on "cover bands" there are some really great ones out there but wheres the Love, man? the love for music.. Like for instance the same night I went down town to an "original" music bar & first off I felt right at home.. but then I realized.. these bands here, are playing there hearts out!! Exposing there souls for all to see... or at least to the 50 or so people that were in the club & I'm sure neither one of the bands even got paid that night, unless they sold there own merchandise. But what I'm saying is…the Heart was there, this is what a live band is supposed to be, a band of people expressing there God given' musical abilities, not rushing threw a CCR song to make a buck. We play Music because we love it, if its just a job to you, not only are you kidding yourself your cheating the people.. We do have it all Backwards in this town.. We DO "Need a anemia" people are missing out on some really awesome bands, bands that I think, will be BIG some day but instead, the average person is subjected to a shitty renditions of "Mad In the Box" We need a club that will feature some really Great Original bands, where are they? Please, Club Owners, give original Music a chance!!

sincerely concerned, Buzafer