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Connects to this TOP?

Recently i have been metting people that can get me where i deserve to be. Im so excited about about working with major artist it will be a shocker to my friends and family of how quickly my life is changing and to see me with succesful people will only increase my chances of being heard by the masses. This is not a dream this is reality! I will suceed! GOD is GREAT! i love my life LIFE IS GOOD! PEACE and BLESSINGS to everyone!!!

Failed deals

Jamil explains about his dropped deal with Atlantic records worth a million dollars when he was just 19 years old, Also with Rocafella records at the age of 16.

Never give up

Work hard think business motivate self gain success thank the creator for another day

Allah says...

He's the cheat code to the game! M.I.L.L!!

Its not about talent anymore???

The industry is all about the cash. you can pay someone to work for you. We created this art but we dont OWN it, You must put your money where your mouth is or dont say nothing in todays world. Sadly talent has nothing to do with what you will hear next to hit the scene. If your money is right your in!!!! which explains why hip hop is watered down in these days and times

M.I.L.L  (over 5 years ago)

The cheat code to the game!! M.I.L.L