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Write the Words

Now i realize how much you mean baby gonna give my heart to you I'll never let you down again baby So baby i write these words for you

Never cared too much

I never cared too much about anything Never really cared bout anything at all. I dont really care too much about tomorrow Dont really care if it ever comes at all

Time to Die

Into oblivion my time has gone away a new world now awaits somewhere beyond the grave. On the other side my journey now begins thru different eyes I see things clear again.

Livin for Today

I'm livin for today my life is left to fate whatever comes is what will come I'll just keep goin on till my time is done

I'm Alive

As I lie here trying to scream, my life blood still flows in my veins, Trapped inside this human tomb, I rith to avoid this doom,I can see it now the reaper's scythe, as I scream I' not dead I'm alive, I'M ALIVE.


The man who stands next to me and sheds his blood, will be my Brother for Life...