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Time is Tight

Due to the huge amount of time I've been spending with the band, preparing for shows, I've been neglecting my writing and recording duties. With a little luck, after the Cascade Blues Assn. gig we can get into the studio for a bit. I've got half finished tunes hanging around all over the place and they need to be tended to. Happily, we can all share in the celebration of the return of Pappy's stolen bass. It's rare when something stolen actually turns up again.Wonderful news this time. More to come. Cheers All :)

Not so great as I wished

I've only got about 20 sells of my songs that support the Fender Foundation. 100% not 50% of my funds go to help, The Fender Foundation. All I can say is that, this is a good thing, that helps people in need. So, think it over, and consider helping some-one less fortunate than yourself... Thanks EC

In the Spirit

I've decided to put a price on my music... But it's all about helping our brothers and sisters and children in need. It's way more important in the winter time to help those less fortunate. So that's the plan. The deal through ReverbNation is to split any income between me, (the musician) and the Fender Music Foundation. But in my case 100% of any income will go to Fender Music Foundations. I have a day job so, if I can help or entertain anyone with my music, So be it, Life don't get any better than when you can reach out and help those in need. Big thanks to any friends or fans that wish to help... Peace

What's going on now

I've temporarily put writing and recording on the back burner to put together a decent performing band. All you musicians know what a overwhelming task that can be, and a ton of fun at the same time. After you get over the initial hill, things become much more enjoyable. I'm not quite there yet but, getting close. Oh, I still make quick recordings of song ideas. (I probably have 20 on hold right now) So there's more on the way, it just may be a while. As it is today,One thing stands out. And that is all the wonderful people I've been in contact with through REVERBNATION. This is a great community and I am so pleased to be part of it. Thank you all for your support.

Blue Sunday

Woke up Sunday with a strong desire to play some "real" Blues. Started doing a little searching for an arrangment of Crossroads by Robin Trower, which led me to a terrific version (featuring Johnny Lange!) on a Cyndi Lauper CD from last year called "Memphis Blues" This is a wonderful CD, that I would recommend to anyone. One of the other cuts was a slowed down version "Rollin and Tumblin" Which I believe, will be the next Crispy recording I post. Looking for an old timey sounding first verse that melds into a driving Les Paul rhythm with some jangly Strat over the top. Thinking "runaway semi truck" here. Can't wait to get home and get back to work on it.

Long weekend

So, the Spargo band played a house party on Friday. Lotta jammin, some great folk. Jerry Hughs sang and played a little harp. He's a talented guy. Even an accomplished trombone player (Ed) came by. Saturday we took it down to The Calipooia Brewpub and did a set with Jerry Zybach and the Stage Hogs. What a bunch of great and talented people. I was plenty relaxed from friday night, so the music flowed easy and smooth. It's always a treat to get to share JZ's vibe. Sunday we rest.

What's Going on

Oct 1/11 Continueing studio work on the 1st Haynes Carll cover. "Bad liver & a broken heart" Tracks are all in. the mixing and mastering will take some time, due to the balancing of the multiple guitar styles. Had first encounter with a potetial performing group Thursday night. Good folk, good players. The bassist Niels, was playing a real "58 P bass"!! Will meet up again next Thursday to discuss material and personel. I'll take a list of 5 tunes I must do (vocals) and 5 more I'd like to do. going to Block 15 for Polka and beer later. :) Cheers