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new stuff coming!

We've been writing a fair bit since we are currently without a touring drummer. Lots of delicious sounding ear candy arriving soon!

Bass player needed!

We've finished our second CD which will be launched in January next year but we're are in need of a new bass player! Check out our new track Scarecrow and if you're around the Perth area in Western Australia and you're keen email jonmazza@hotmail.com

New EP!

Been a while since we've written some info down so here goes... The new EP is just about finished, just onto the remaining lead vocals and then some more backup vocals. It is sounding rather corpulent, turgid even : ) Stay tuned and hopefully by October we'll have a sneak peak to show you : )

Melb Tour!

Our first Melbourne tour starts this thurs (18th Nov) at the Espy followed friday (19th Nov)at the Ding Dong Lounge and Saturday (20th Nov) at the Evelyn. Bring on the shenanigans :) Our debut album will be available for $10 at all shows

Album Complete

Arkayan's debut album 'Away from the world' has been completed and will be launched nationwide from the 18th to 27th of November.