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Press Release for Carolina Rainer

Posted by on April 1 st , 2011 – 11:20am

As Japan recovers from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 11, Carolina Rainer respond to the tragedy with this benefit song. The money collected go to the Japanese Red Cross .

“Help Japan, help the world”

Carolina Rainer is an argentinean singer songwriter that resides in Miami, Florida. She was moved by the tragedy and wrote a song called Tsunami In Japan. It was recorded at Surfside Studio within 1 days of the earthquake and tsunami. It is available for purchase on iTunes, and all the proceeds received per download, less Apple’s 30% will be donated to fund relief efforts in Japan through the Japanese Red Cross. Carolina Rainer has also approached Apple to donate their 30% commission to these fundraising efforts.

The YouTube video was not intended to be seen , it was just a demo but has had well over 1000 hits in less than 1 day. It has generated enormous support all over the world through social media and word-of-mouth. Support Japan!

Lyrics: copyright 2011 Carolina Rainer Music: copyright 2011 Carolina Rainer

Recorded by: Stuka at Surfside Studio in Miami, Fl

Available for purchase: iTunes:


Video may be viewed at: YouTube/carolinarainer

Media contact: Peter Fraser