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Happy TUG New Year!

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Have fun and be safe out there! Don't drink & drive!

Be sure to follow our show schedule for next year and get your TUG fix.

xoxo TUG

We're baaaaaaaack!

As you all know we've on a break to write and record. It's been tough to say the least but we are happy to announce we will be returning to the stage for our 1st LIVE show of 2013! Saturday, February 9th at The Venue in Lakeland, FL!!!! Check RN & Facebook for details!

We can't wait to see you there!

xoxoxo TUG

New shit

We had band practice last night and we're fairly certain we'll have another new song for the next album. It's nice having these unabridged moments of creativity. Althought it feels strange to not have any bookings for the rest of the year, we think we'll have plenty to work on. Plus we all needed some personal time w/ our families and such.

While we're out be sure to keep track of our updates, videos and new song previews.

TUG loves you!

Break Time

As many of you already know, TUG has played our last show of the year :( BUT fear not, friends! We will begin recording our follow up to 'El Diablo Blanco' beginning November 2nd at Woodwell Studios in Orlando, FL. We have yet to come up with a title for the new EP but it will feature some of our newest tracks: "Trepidation", "Radio" and a few more.

We hope to release the new EP in early 2013 so BE READY because we are gonna hit you hard!

#TUGLife for LIFE

love always, TUG